Our history and our project

The Boisé du Domaine Cormier and its rue Tremblay are not as such the first phase of the project. They are actually a continuation of Développement Cormier, which has been in existence for many years in Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, on rue de l'Église, right behind the church. Our father Hubert Cormier had embarked on this family adventure back in the early eighties. Over 30 houses have since been built, and a few ready to build lots are still available on rue de l'Église itself.

In 1997, his three daughters Judith, Hélène and Carole took over the helm. Since then, some improvements have been brought about, namely the adoption of a municipal bylaw prohibiting truck traffic on the street, water supply system and street lighting services for all lots located on rue de l'Église and rue Tremblay as well as the creation of public utility easements for the comfort of all concerned.

Rue de l'Église is symbolic as it runs just behind the magnificent church for which it is named.

Moreover, located in the center of a natural development, rue de l'Église gave birth to the brand new rue Tremblay, called by our mother's name. Phase I of the project is made up of the first 12 lots serviced on this new street and will soon be followed by phase 2 with its additional 12 lots sloping down to reach rue de l'Église.

In the near future, 3 other streets having each 25 lots will be constructed from rue de l'Église and branching out on each side of it to form a global development of about 130 serviced properties.